I came across the My Favourite Word website while I was browsing, and I had to submit an entry for sesquipedalian:

This word makes me laugh, because it can be used to describe itself, as well as anyone who uses the word. It’s like a self referential joke.

This has been my favourite word for years, after a friend at work first told me about it. Anyway, back to the haphazardly scheduled technical blog content…

When to Change Jobs

On the subject of changing jobs, here’s a few points I’ve been considering:

  • I’m in a stress free but relatively low-paid job as a software engineer in an insurance company. Three miles from home to the office is very handy, especially considering I often have to pick up children from nursery. However…
  • I’m generally frustrated with the heavy weight and bureaucratic, yet rather ad-hoc nature of the development processes. Although this is not a major issue for me, there are other considerations…
  • I’ve been transferred to a project that could be described as “morale sapping” by applying a generous dose of optimism.
  • This new project is based in Redhill, about ten miles away. This is no longer that convenient for me.
  • The IT job market has been steadily improving over the last year, and agents are calling me out of the blue asking for availability.
  • I’ve been meaning to try my hand at the contract market for a long time now, where I’m certain I could very easily double my income.
  • My kids are now at the stage where I should be able to venture further afield without neglecting them too much

On Friday, I came to the point where I had a chance to think these issues over, came to the obvious conclusion, and handed in my resignation. It looks like I’m about to go back onto the job market. Time to update my CV.

(BTW, if anyone knows about job opportunities opening up around late September, let me know).

Pragmatic Automation and Social Bookmarking

Mike Clark mentioned my Ant dependencies article on Pragmatic Automation last week. For a low traffic site such as Exubero, it’s easy to look in the referrer logs to see how that reference has spread to various other blogs. I was relatively surprised about the effect that social bookmarking has on propagating ideas. I haven’t paid much attention to the phenomenon before, but the multiplier effect on the incoming referrers certainly made me look a lot closer.

Project Dependencies Using Ant

I’ve written a new article on managing Project Dependencies using Ant. From the overview:

This article discusses a technique for managing the build order of separate sub-projects in a large software system purely using task dependencies within Ant scripts. Unlike other solutions, this technique for managing dependencies does not need any external tasks to those already distributed with Apache Ant, as it leverages Ant’s inbuilt target dependency behaviour.