I came across the My Favourite Word website while I was browsing, and I had to submit an entry for sesquipedalian: This word makes me laugh, because it can be used to describe itself, as well as anyone who uses the word. It's like a self referential joke. This has been my favourite word … Continue reading Sesquipedalian

JUnit AntiPatterns Update

I've updated the JUnit AntiPatterns article after receiving a number of emails giving feedback on suggested improvements and new anti-patterns. I've made the following changes: Added sections for Misuse of Assertions and Redundant Assertions, and reorganised the anti-patterns that relate to assertions. Anti-pattern examples and the refactored solutions are now styled differently.

Project Dependencies Using Ant

I've written a new article on managing Project Dependencies using Ant. From the overview: This article discusses a technique for managing the build order of separate sub-projects in a large software system purely using task dependencies within Ant scripts. Unlike other solutions, this technique for managing dependencies does not need any external tasks to those … Continue reading Project Dependencies Using Ant