AFP Renderer 1.1.0 Released

(The following announcement is taken from the release notes) The AFP Renderer development team (that's Pete and I) is pleased to announce the release of AFP Renderer 1.1.0. This latest release can be downloaded from The important changes since the last release (1.0.2) are: added support for outline fonts added sample fonts with distribution … Continue reading AFP Renderer 1.1.0 Released

AFP Renderer

As part of a project that we're working on together, my friend Pete Townsend developed some library code to generate prints for insurance policy applicants. Input data comes from an XML document, and is converted to an AFP print stream (AFP is a MO:DCA print format used on mainframes). Leveraging available open source tools, Pete … Continue reading AFP Renderer

Signs of Life

It's been a long month. I've learnt more than I wanted to about Linux hardware compatibility, but I've finally managed to get Fedora Core 2 up and running. Configuring mail, web, etc has been interesting, as it's all slightly different from what I've been used to with Debian. Over the next few weeks, I'll tweak … Continue reading Signs of Life