Atom, Ruby and ERB

I’ve just finished overhauling the blog pages on Exubero, to make them more consistent with the other blogs about. The major new feature: there is now an Atom feed for those of you who prefer your readings to via an aggregated feed.

Just to give myself more work, I hand-rolled the entire thing myself without resorting to a blog management tool. I know that there are plenty that would have fit the bill perfectly for me, but this was mainly a learning exercise into the inner workings of feeds, and to keep honing my new-found Ruby skills.

As it turned out, this was a much simpler task than I had feared. I believe this is mainly because the Atom specification was well thought out and simple to implement. Using ERB for templating and Ruby, I was able to quickly split up my existing articles and stitch them back together, both as standard XHTML and as an Atom feed.