Moving Hosting Location

This is just an advance warning that access to may be patchy over the next couple of days, as I move house.

Against all best practices for hosting arrangements, I actually serve the website from a computer at my home. This is very flexible and cheap for me, as I can point the DNS records for to the static IP address provided by my ISP, and so reuse my ADSL connection for my website as well and avoid having to pay external hosting. This is sort of OK for a low bandwidth (and essentially hobbyist) site like Exubero, it does mean that I’m subject to the vagaries of service interruptions, blackouts, and passing children pulling out plugs.

Sometime during the next day, I’m about to transfer the server to my new house (only about a mile down the road). With any luck, I should be able to shut down, drive the server to the new house, plug back in, and have everything work straight away. I had to get a new IP address for the new house, so it may take a day or so for the new address to be replicated through the DNS servers.