Evangelism is War

This is fairly old news, but I was absolutely fascinated by the “secret” Microsoft documents Evangelism is War. I think it’s a very clear insight into why Microsoft is so successful, as well as why they are viewed abhorred in some circles.

Hat tip to Steve Loughran.

Update (Monday, 5th March)

As a number of you have mentioned, the link above to the Evangelism is War article is now invalid. The pdf was hosted on a website called Iowa Consumer Case, which contained all the public domain court documents from the Comes vs Microsoft case. The entire website is now password protected, as reported on The Register a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, Groklaw is collecting all the documents on the page Comes v. Microsoft Exhibits, but the Evangelism is War page doesn’t appear to be there yet. If anyone knows the location of this document, sent me an email. In the meantime, a good summary can be found on Amy Stephen’s article “State of Iowa Consumers sue Microsoft for Acts of Antitrust“.

Second Update (Thursday, 8th March)

Found it again, at http://edge-op.org/iowa/. I’ve updated the link above.