Follically Challenged in a Hirsute World

As I mentioned before, I went to the LondonJava Meetup on Tuesday 1st May. In my usual tardy fashion, I’m finally writing about the night (only three weeks late!).

Tim Bray turned up that night, along with many other regulars. By the end of the night, I managed to work through discussions about CORBA, the weather in Melbourne, XML, the performance of XMPP parsers (very fast, if done well), dynamic languages in general (the phrase “Uniform Access Principle” was mentioned in this context).

By 11pm there were 4 of us remaining: Jez Raynor, Simon Brunning, Tom White and myself. I really enjoyed the night, and managed to add another blog feed to my subscriptions (thanks Tom!).

Tim published a picture of me the night on his blog. This prompted an email from my friend George Petrov entitled “Shiny Forehead”. And that explains the title of the this entry tonight.