CruiseControl In Vogue

I’m a big believer in the benefits of Continuous Integration, and so I have become a user and then contributor of CruiseControl.

I find the continually increasing awareness of CruiseControl in the development community quite exciting. Mike Clark’s new book has been receiving a lot of attention , which has been translating directly into a lot of new users. I find the CruiseControl project statistics graph at SourceForge very interesting indeed. I expect that this month will break page view and download records again, especially if version 2.2 gets released on time.

Why am I excited about this? Besides the fact that Continuous Integration is a fantastic development process, I also have a personal stake in CruiseControl. I have been making contributions to the website and documentation, an area that is traditionally quite weak in open source projects. In helping out and assuming ownership in a relatively unmaintained area, I’ve become quite connected with the success of the project. Marking out my home in the noosphere, I guess.