Building a JavaScript CI/CD Pipeline

What's it like to for an experienced developer to learn the latest JavaScript tooling from scratch in 2019? It's not pretty. The Goal At QA Chef, we want to build systems that are: modular (strong cohesion, loose coupling, well designed components) simple and easy to maintain or rewrite (we'd like to keep our options open … Continue reading Building a JavaScript CI/CD Pipeline

Coming Soon: CITCON London 2010

The European version of CITCON (the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference) had a last minute change of plan, and has switched locations to London! This is one of my favourite conferences (see my notes on 2006 and 2009), and I'm really happy to see it coming back to London. Registrations have only been open for a week, but … Continue reading Coming Soon: CITCON London 2010

CITCON ’09: Better Ant Builds

The first session I attended (and partially ran) was Better Ant Builds. During the session proposals, Ivan Moore originally suggested a talk on better builds for Java programs. There were later proposals for sessions regarding improvements to Maven, so I proposed my own session "Better Ant Builds" to differentiate it from the Maven sessions. My … Continue reading CITCON ’09: Better Ant Builds