Elephant Carpaccio

I co-facilitated Alistair Cockburn's elephant carpaccio exercise yesterday. This is an exercise to teach developers and business analysts: How to slice large applications into 1-day to 1-week requests, from the business perspective How to slice application requests into 15-30 minute work slices, from both the business and programming perspective Previously, there had been some discussion at work … Continue reading Elephant Carpaccio

Coming Soon: CITCON London 2010

The European version of CITCON (the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference) had a last minute change of plan, and has switched locations to London! This is one of my favourite conferences (see my notes on 2006 and 2009), and I'm really happy to see it coming back to London. Registrations have only been open for a week, but … Continue reading Coming Soon: CITCON London 2010

Not Agile 2010

On a whim, I joined some of my work colleagues going to XTC. Tonight was a special event: Not Agile 2010. For those of us who didn't/couldn't/wouldn't go to the Agile 2010 conference in Florida, we had an evening of lighting talks from anyone able stand upright and speak anything that sounded vaguely like English. … Continue reading Not Agile 2010

XPDay 2009

I've just registered for XPDay 2009. I last went to XPDay 2005, and had a blast. I regret not going back since, but I'll be there this year, at least!

Kanban at XtC

I've just noticed that the Extreme Tuesday Club is has Kanban presentations tomorrow (29th September). Given I'm a complete newbie on anything Kanban, I'll definetly turn up to that one.