A Small CruiseControl Fix, and a Critique of Spring

I quite like the new Dashboard that was added to CruiseControl last year. It has a certain style that makes it appealing to the end users who may be watching the build status, and is a step up from the old reporting JSPs. Until today, I had never really looked into how it was implemented. … Continue reading A Small CruiseControl Fix, and a Critique of Spring

Continuous Integration and Testing Presentations

I had the opportunity last week to present to some co-workers on the subject of Continuous Integration. My first thought was to pull out the old presentation I had done a few years back: http://www.exubero.com/ccintro/ccintro-s5.html However, that presentation is getting slightly dated. Searching around, I dug up some nicer examples from Slide Share. I especially … Continue reading Continuous Integration and Testing Presentations