Moving Swiftly Onwards

After working nearly three years at Legal and General, I finish my notice period there tomorrow, and will be moving swiftly onwards.

It’s been a fun few years, and I think I’ve managed to meet a lot of interesting people and extend my skills in many useful areas. For those (soon to be ex-) colleagues who are reading this, let me just say that I don’t know half of you as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. Either way, I don’t live far away, and I’ll make sure I make an effort to keep in touch.

For the short term, I’m planning to offer my services as a contract software engineer slash architect, though I think that there is certainly scope for me to seek out opportunities using some of my wider skill sets, such as standards based web design, human computer interaction, automated build systems or even configuration management. Perhaps I might even try and publish the odd technical article. I’m still uncertain about the marketing strategy for such a skill set, though, as it sounds too unfocused. Maybe I should market myself as Renaissance Developer for Hire. 🙂