JNarrate, JBehave and Pixies

I found the XTC meetup to be a fascinating event. There were a few familiar faces I remembered from previous years, and quite a few new ones. There was a palpable buzz in the room, which got quite crowded as more people turned up.

I had a long chat with a guy who develops the website for the Tate (hi Bob!). For me, the most interesting part of the night was an introduction to Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), and the tools that support the paradigm. I was vaguely aware of the term, but I hadn’t realised how mature the movement had become. Liz Keogh talked at length regarding feature injection (and curiously, pixies). Antony Marcano demonstrated JNarrate, which allows behaviour specifications to be written in an amazing literate type of Java code. Very eye opening stuff, and I regret not turning up to the meetings for a long time.

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