Test Driven

This is one of those strange examples of synchronicity. I was moderating a message on the JUnit discussion group, when I came across a message by Lasse Koskela, which reminded me of his upcoming book: Test Driven. For a long time I had been planning to go and buy a copy, because I’m very interested in the subject, and I thought it had been published (I’d seen a message on his blog a few months prior that suggested that it was imminent). A few minutes searching online was enough for me to find out that it hadn’t been published yet. That would have been the end of it for the moment, except that a few minutes later, an email arrived from a chap at Manning (the publishers). Lasse had suggested that I might be interested in looking at a review copy, and would I be interested? Sweet!

So the state of play is this: I have a PDF copy of the draft manuscript, which I’ve printed out so I can scrawl all over it. Should be fun, I’ll post a report later.