Well, I finally received an invitation to join My Keybase profile is:

I first heard about Keybase from a post by Tim Bray in March. I’ve been quite interested in crypto stuff since forever, but I’ve never been able to use it consistently in all my communications. Given the increasing surveillance issues on-line, it seems prudent to increase use of encryption, but it’s still very hard when pretty much everyone I would ever chat with can’t decrypt. Wider use of tools like GPG and usability wrappers like Keybase might improve the situation. As a first step, this is my announcement of my public key and availability to receive encrypted messages, should you so desire.

Keybase is currently still in a closed alpha. You can request to join, but it will probably take a while (it was 6 months for me). Even without Keybase, you can still use GPG directly, just retrieve my public key from