Joe’s Favourite Podcasts (2018 Edition)

I commute. 75 minutes each way, every day. That's 2½ hours every day of otherwise slack  time which I like to fill in with some sort of learning, which come from various podcasts I've picked up over the years. Here's my current list, in alphabetical order... Agile Uprising Topics: Software, Agile Website: Interviews with … Continue reading Joe’s Favourite Podcasts (2018 Edition)

Software Development is an Engineering Discipline

There is a view that software development is a craft; that "Software Craftsmanship" is a better metaphor for software development than is engineering or science. I'm going to argue against this view: software development is an engineering discipline, and relies strongly on scientific principles. Firstly, what is an engineering? Here's one definition of the engineering method: … Continue reading Software Development is an Engineering Discipline

Devops 101

I recently saw a reference to Devops 101 on Twitter. It looked interesting, so I bookmarked it, and forgot about it for a few weeks. Last night I finally got around to trying the exercises - it was a bit of an eye-opener. There's a huge amount of functionality on AWS that I'm not really … Continue reading Devops 101